Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahh Thursday ...

Today was awesome..

Now where I work there is literally only 3 girls here during the day. The rest of the workers are men, so it is rare that we get a girls day or anything girly for that matter.. Today was Julie's birthday so me,jess (my other co-worker) decided we need to do a girly thing and got our nails done.. Only $25 not too bad. And they look nice.. Not counting the Wine we had in the middle of the afternoon..he he he.. It was also nice to leave the office for a hour and 45 minutes. Not having to worry about work and just enjoying ourselves.. Awesome!

hmmm.. Since I did not get to post yesterday the Macaroni and Cheese came out great! It was super easy and so much better then the 30 minute meals one.

Also : Thanks to Mrs.C @ HomeschoolandEct. for following me.. First follower! Sorry my life is not more interesting!

Until Next time

Shelly <3>

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  1. Hey! You're welcome! And reading about going out for an hour and 45 minutes is pretty exciting to me. It looks like fun!