Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday Countdown..

So in a week from Monday I will be turning 29 (June 1st).. I love birthday's but this year has me thinking, most of the blogs I read are from women who are around my age maybe a little older maybe younger but almost all have children. I was always the one who wants to have things settled before I start having kids, I want to give my kids more then I had. There is nothing wrong with that but at this point I am ready to just jump in to parenthood and preferable marriage and start my family everything else will fall into place. I have written before about my longing for kids.. I babysit a bunch., I love kids and I know I will make a great mom, and Damien has mentioned kids almost everyday this week. I think he may be ready as well.. I just want to start ,I look at people's photos of their family's and wish that was me. I never had what you would call a great family life. Everything always came before me. and at times I still feel things are more important then me but I'm a big girl I can handle it.

I what you call a person with no spine. there is hardly a time when someone asks me to do something that I will say no. That is just how I have always been and I tend to get screwed on more then 1 occasion. So called friends, But that is a post all itself.. I guess the one thing that does bother me is no one ever remembers when it comes time for something special for me. Such as my birthday. I am not a person all about materials things, all I really am asking for is a call or even a text wishing me a happy birthday, that does not seem too much to ask for. I really don't have all that many good friends. Most are my cousins and all but 1 forgot last year. I make sure I at least call and wish them a happy birthday. Maybe I should not care so much.,,

We have a girls night 3 days before my birthday,. I have mentioned it multiple times, We shall see if anyone remembers me this year..

Shelly <3


  1. Aw, hon, my heart breaks for you. That's really hard. I'm hearing that you'd like to get onto the marriage and children thing but Damien can't/won't. And so you're left with deciding whether to give the guy an ultimatum (which can result in NO), or just going on and feeling part of your life is missing.

    I do have to tell you that if you feel unappreciated NOW, just wait until your children are teenagers. That's when it really hits the fan.


    But maybe you are thinking you'll raise 'em better than that. Siiigh. Miss those days. *wink*

  2. Thanks Mrs. C. .. Your Comments always make me feel a little better! :O)