Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Heart Faces - Silhouettes Category

This week is Silhouettes .. Not sure if this is really a Silhouette but it's the closest thing I have to one..

Shelly <3

BTW : I am getting a new camera for my birthday next week.. Can't wait to finally have something good to work with! My camera is over 5 years old.. I love my little Olympia but I am upgrading with the new one!


  1. congrats on the new camera! I like your picture. They look like they are having a good conversation.

  2. Were you at an amusement park? A new camera! That is so exciting! : ). What kind are you going to get. Will your kids be happy to be models? Mine gets so tired of it!

  3. @ Life with Kaishon: Don't have any kids of my own yet, so have to harass the kids I watch and my little cousin but they are usally don't mind! And Yes we were at a amusment park,,Darien Lake here in Buffalo, NY! I think my new camera is going to be a cannon.. Gotta see the exact model but def. a step up! I can't wait!!