Friday, August 27, 2010

Incompetent Pharmacies - Edited with an update

After what happened in may, I wasn't quite ready to try again, When Damien Proposed we figured we would start after the wedding, or like a month or two before. Because really you won't show that early.

I have resumed taking my birth control pills. I have taken the same kind for years. When I first got my prescription renewed after it was safe to do so, it was the same kind I have had. Then last month they gave me a different kind. Different Packaging, Different Company. But assured me it was the same thing. Just made by someone else.

OK, no problem. This month, they gave me something else. Same company as last month, but less pills. I take a 28 day kind they gave me a 21 day kind. They said the last row didn't matter and you didn't need it. ok.. So I have been taking them for a little over a week and a half.

I noticed today that the back has an expiration date, and that date is 03/10! That is right, they expired about 6 months ago! What the .... So Now when we thought we were being protected. We really were not. So Now I have to tell Damien this, Call this stupid pharmacy and take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

I can not believe a pharmacy would give you expired medication. What happened if it was something more vital? Really? How incompetent can you be? I guess from now on I will have to check all the expiration dates on medication.

One thing is for sure I am sure changing pharmacies..

til Next time

Shelly <3

Update: Went to the pharmacy and they said they were sorry again and again, not only did they give me expired pills they also gave me the wrong dosage. I asked the pharmacy how this would affect the effectivness, they were'nt sure but gave me a free pregancy test to be sure.

they said if it was positive to call them because they will contact their lawyers in the matter. She was very nice about it all. and said she was sorry over and over. Well lo and behold I come home take the test and what do you know.. Positive..Here we go again! But this time I did not miss anything. I did nothing wrong but not look at the back of the stupid pills. Here we go again,, I hope this ends better then last time. I don't think my heart could last another heartbreak..

Edited for the second time:
I got a blood test on friday just to be sure. they called me today and told me it was negative. So guess it was a false positive..


  1. Talk to the manufacturer. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate their product being sold like that. Or the doctor. I'm quite positive there is a reporting system for stuff like this.

  2. Shelly I read this a while back and didn't have time to comment.

    What a roller coaster for you.