Thursday, January 13, 2011


My car is officially dead. Well it still runs I just wouldn't trust it to drive anywhere far. It may or may not start up again. So right now I would rather not chance it. So I have been without my car for about 2 weeks. Last weekend we put a down payment on a new car. Well a new used car. 

Luckily my mom and step dad are able to help us out, They are paying for the car outright and we pay them back every month til the car is paid off. No Interest, Which is nice. That is the same thing we did when we bought the Lumina 7 years ago. Unfortantly we really don't have an extra saved on our own, or have good enough credit for a loan to payback with interest. I am lucky they are able to help us with some things or I really don't know how we would do it.

I hope to someday not be a paycheck to paycheck family. To have savings, to go on a vacation. It will happen someday, just with a little hard work, which is fine with me. It will mean more when it finally happens.
Well we are waiting for a medical expense payment to come in and then we can get the car. I cannot wait, A car that I know I can go to the store and not have to worry about it not starting again when I come out.

So Good Bye Lumina You were a good car for a long while..

Hello Maxima.. I hope we have many years of Breakdown Free Happiness Together!
Til Next Time

Shelly <3


  1. Here's hoping you are breakdown free and happy for many years! :)

  2. Yeah!! New beginnings!!