Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Samantha Through the Years..

Sam Turned 6 on the 10th of January. Oh how the years fly by, When I found out that I had cousins.. (another post altogether) and we became really close Sam was 2.
Here she is at Stephanie's Wedding as the Flower Girl...

Then I was invited he her 3rd birthday party. Me and Patti became close very quickly as we are very much alike. 
Yes she is that cute in person..
Before we knew it another year had passed and Sam turned 4, by now I am Auntie Shelly.

and then another year flew by just as fast as the last, and Our little Sam was turning 5. A whole hand old! 

This year was a little special, she got a Chuck-E-Cheese Party and I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids.

And here we are yet another year later, and Our Little Sam has turned 6! SIX! When in the world did that happen??

2011 Brings alot of Changes for young Sam. She has become a Big Sister and I just know she will be the best Big Sister ever!

Happy Birthday Sammy Girl! I love you So Much and you are growing into a beautiful, caring little Girl! Here's to many more birthdays and your bright future!
Love you always!
Auntie Shelly <3

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  1. Shelly you are a wonderful Auntie!!
    One should be so lucky to have someone like you in their life.