Thursday, February 10, 2011

This and That

So I have been a bad blogger, but really have not had much to say.. so what has been going on.

we finally have our new car. I am the proud owner of a 1999 Nissan Maxima, That $1500 check we were waiting for, that we thought would take 3 days, took 3 weeks. But the dealership held the car for us. Thankfully.

I finally got to see the newest Harry Potter Movie.. and we had a good time. Can not wait for the Final one this summer. Damien and I tried to see this movie 4 times and finally on the 4th time was successful. From Weather to car issues to other things that kept us from going the other times.
It;s nice to get out of the house every so often together.
This past Tuesday I babysat for Katie for the first time. And I can not wait to have one of my own. It was so nice to snuggle with her, and she loves to be snuggled.

 She is almost 2 months old.. So sweet.. She is being Christened this weekend, so more pictures to come.

Til Next Time!
Shelly <3


  1. She is precious and I can't wait for you to be a Mommy're going to be an amazing one!

  2. Can you go here
    then read the post and put my name in the comment and say I sent you, so I can win an outfit for Taiga.