Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catch Up Post...

Want to know what Makes your day? When you get a totally random call from a little one you watch, Just because I did not watch them at all this week and he missed me. Considering he hated his last babysitter, his mom told me when he saw her he would start screaming and crying and wouldn't stop. with me. We just start playing with stuff and he can care less what his mama is doing.

I answer the phone expecting his mom on the other end, all I hear at first are his twin brothers in the backround, then I hear his little voice.. Hello..and the following exchange happened:

Me: Eli??
Eli: Hi!
Me: Hi Eli! What's up buddy
Eli: I have no school today.. (he's off because of Easter break)
Me: I see, what are you doing..
Eli: Sitting on mommy's lap. 
You should come over!
lol.. at this point his mom got back on the phone and told me he wanted to call me. Because he missed me. Awwwwwww...

This is not only completely adorable but completely awesome. Because little Eli has a form of Autism.  His mom and dad believe he has Asperger's. However he is too young to be official diagnosed with it yet at 3 years old. He was evaluated and found to have signs of it and was approved go to Summit for preschool. and his parents say the difference it has made in him is amazing. 

Eli is very high functioning,  He really is a smart little boy. He Loves Thomas the tank engine, He is very lovable and cuddly. esp, if he see's you loving on one of his younger brothers. lol.. he seeks out attention. He listens well to directions most of the time. 

He does stim a little, Its kinda a arm waving, running back a forth on his toes or jumping excited thing. When he gets really happy about something or if he's really engrossed in his trains.  

Eli is a wonderful little boy. So loving, I am so happy I have gotten to know him and his adorable twin brothers. The three of them now hold a special place in my heart as do the others I have watched and continue to watch thru the years.

I have no idea how people can not like children. I for one Love kids, and not in a creepy way. I love the wonder you see through their eyes when they are doing or seeing something for the first time. I love the unconditional love that toddlers and young kids throw at you. If you let them. 
and kids really love me, I really have never met a young child who is not completely attached to me by the end of the day. It's just a quality about me, and I love that. I love that when I go babysitting I get two little Blonde hair toddlers running for a leg to hug, I love that the 3 yr old that once didn't want me to stay, now calls me because he wants me to come over.

I love that I now know the twins so well I can tell them apart without being told who is in what color today.


 I love babysitting and I think I love taking pictures of kids the best out of everything! My Favorite 5yr old and her parents are coming to visit us tommrow from PA, they are staying til saturday afternoon.. I can't wait to see how big Lexi has gotten since we last saw her in October!
Lexi - October 2010

One more thing then I will end this insanely long post.  I am thinking of opening my own small photography business. I took pictures for a friend last weekend, Her husband was having a CD release party, I was paid $25 and received a free Cd, I know nothing big but  I want to get bigger eventually and I need a name for my business. I am not creative at all when it comes to names.. anyone have any ideas at all?? 

Thanks in advance! 
Shelly <3 

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