Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walking down Memory Lane...

We decided to clean out the attic the other day and condense our stuff and I come across these

So it all starts with these notebooks, the ones in the picture above. They are notes between me and my friend Nicole in high school. 1998-99 era.. There is some really funny stuff in there. Apparently all we were worried about was boys. There is alot of mention about boys, who we liked, who did'nt like us.. 
we complained about teachers, and failing tests as well as congradulating ourselves when we passed.

We told each other our raw feelings, you can tell in our handwriting if we were mad or sad, if we were happy or unhappy.. what was going on in our lives, separately and together. For me not all of that was good. As the end of my high school year was very complicated. Let's just say my mom never saw me graduate. I am over that now,  just reading my feelings about what lead up to that event towards the end of the 4 yes 4 notebooks that we went through, and I saved all these years.

The beginning of those notebooks are so funny, I love all the little I <3 this person, and that person we doodled all over the notebook, I love that we used every available space with notes front and back of  each paper til we ran out, and just moved on to another notebook. I love that this was all my idea, as i wrote in the first note.

I love that we rambled.. alot, at times we really did not make much sense, but it was what we were feeling. This is something kids won't have in the future, a notebook with written word, most i'm sure will be typed. With these notebooks, i see how important writing things out are, the differance between our printing, cursive, silly and serious writing tells how we felt when we wrote what we did. Typed word does not quite capture that emotion. And while these notebooks made some bad memories come back to the front, I am glad I found them. It is nice to look at the 17-18 year old me, what I liked, what I disliked, how much of a friend I had in nicole.. We have lost touch some time ago, but I have found her on facebook as you always can find someone. 
We have been texting, and we plan to get together soon. Esp. after finding these notebooks, after all these are her feelings too. I also love that we have random friends who we trusted to look at the "notebooks" write random notes, mostly to me, since they were in niki's class. 
Me and Nicole at one of the Dances that year

So while Memory Lane can be painful at times, Right now I am enjoying the boy crazy, Backstreet boy loving, Trying my hardest to graduate high school, talking to my best friend every day, and so much more past self and friends. I wish I was back in that time, I would do some things differantly for sure, but one thing I would never change was my friends. I really did have the best group of friends ever in high school, even if there were only 4 or 5 of them.

We all plan on getting together soon, and I can't wait to reunite with them!

<3 Shelly

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