Monday, September 28, 2009

A beautiful Wedding for a couple of Great People

One of our very best friends got married this weekend. Damien's Best friend and partner in crime is now a Married Man and we couldn't be happier for him! You see johnny is family to us, Damien and him have been friends since they were 10yrs old and he is over our house 5 out of 7 days a week. Amy is a chef and Johnny works for the water department,they have 2 different schedules and do not see each other much. Thankfully they were both able to get vacation time together for their honeymoon. Here are some great pictures of the best night we have had in quite a while. Most I took, Some his brother took while we were dancing..

Amy and Her Dad

I Do

Amy and Damien the Best Man

The Entire Wedding Party

The Guys

One of my Favorite of the guys

Me and Damiens brother Chris

Me and Damien

All in All one of the best weddings i have ever been too! Congrats John and Amy! Now get working on the kids we want to be an Aunt and Uncle!


  1. OH This is so sweet! I hope your turn is coming up soon!! :]

  2. Me too Mrs C, me too.. We both had a little to drink that night, and we were kinda talking about it. He said we practically are anyway, And I said yes, that's why it shouldn't be a big deal to just do it already..

    He didn't say no.. so who knows. The first thing Johnny's dad said to Damien was "When are you Getting Married?!" lol..

    So Fingers crossed I'M next!

  3. YES!! Just tell him what you want for Christmas LOL!!