Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Day at the Playground..

So Saturday I watched a Friend and Co-workers boys overnight, so her and her Husband could go to a family wedding..It was beautiful out Saturday and they live in a nice apartment complex with a playground so I thought why not get them outside and let them run off their energy.. and what a great chance to take some pictures of them! here are just a few of the best ones:

\Meet Jacob:(Age 5)going into 1st grade this year

and Here's Gavin:(Age 4)starting PreK)

Riding down to the playground

Some Slide Fun:

Some Tunnel Fun also:

We Climbed things:

We played on the Swings:

and lastly on the way home we played a little baseball, well really throw the ball and hit it not really a game of baseball they are only 4+5 yrs old.

Love his Face here..lol..

Gavin was more into making Sand Piles for "The Flys" as he told me.. lol..Still cute

Here Jacob is helping him:

and to end this post here is a great picture I took of Jacob,

There is nothing better then a Smile as Big was his, Esp. When it is totally natural and not prompted at all.. I think they enjoyed their day with me.. Do you think so too??
I'm going on a mini Vacation to PA with my mom Friday-Sunday and I will have lots of pictures of my time, along with a new little Friend! Stay tuned next week!!

Shelly <3


  1. Your photography has improved so much over this last year! I'd encourage you to look over old entries and see if I'm not right.

  2. Thanks Mrs. C! Just what I was hoping to hear..

    I think I will go back and check them out through the year and see exactly where I have improved and what I still need to work on..

    I've always enjoyed pictures, that frozen moment in time you can remember forever!