Monday, December 28, 2009

I heart Faces - "Hilarious Outtakes"

Now we all have those pictures that you normally do not show.. And From Kids esp. there are always outtakes.. This week at I heart faces it's "Hilarious Outtakes" and we can have up to 5 pictures in this weeks post instead of the normal 1..

Here I said, Hey Lexi why don't you stand next to the shark and we can see how tall you are.. She did but had other ideas about posing for the picture.. Silly Girl

Here Samantha was done with Pictures. apparently I never learn and just kept snapping, But If I stopped I would not have gotten this outtake..

What stop for a picture.. but I'm eating Cotton Candy!

and these next couple.. Well Chris is a Character..Whenever I try to take a good picture of him I get a crazy pose..

Kids are the greatest for Funny Pictures you just never expected to take.. Head on over to I heart Faces for more laughs this week.

Shelly <3


  1. I love these pictures. "Normal" and "nice" pictures are over-rated.

    We had a Spanish exchange student for seven months this year. He always knew where the camera was. I NEVER got an un-posed picture of him. Good thing he was so good looking.

  2. Look at your little super hero with the fly swatter. So cute : ) Love it! I love your daughters name! I think Samantha is such a lovely name! Happy new year : )

  3. lol.. happy new year to you too..

    Unfortantly I can not take credit for making these beautiful children.. Lexi is a good friend from PA, Samantha is my Little Cousin and Chris I babysit for but might as well be part of their family.. They call me their 6th family member!


  4. LOL Cute! The "no pictures" was my fave.

  5. Thanks :) I am partial to that one too.

    It's just so natural and that's exactly what she was saying.. No More pictures.. I want to do Arrow Pratice!

    lol.. we were at our summer picnic and my friend is an Archer and she was teaching the kids to shot arrows at targets..