Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 2009 in Pictures and a few words (Part 1)

So I have thinking for awhile now, since 2009 is the year i really got into photography I will go through all my pictures through the year and pick out some favorites. So here goes.. around June the pictures should start getting better in quality that is when I got my awesome new camera...

My little cousin Audrey made her first communion

My mom and I went to see David Cook Live~~!! And Yes he is as cute in person

We also did went to American Idol Live for the 3rd year in a row.. This time was the best ever~ Not only did we figure out if you get to the arena around 1 you get to meet some of the idols on tour~ For Free! I met Alison,Matt, Kris. It was so great, I got my CD signed by 3 of them and got my picture with Kris and Matt.

I had my old Olympus camera at the David Cook show above and my new Nikkon Camera at the idols show. See the difference in quality of the pics..Not to mention we had great seats. I love presale codes..

Went to the Erie County I do at least once every year.. I saw a cow being born this year..not this cow, trust me you don't want to see that actual cow birth in pictures..

I also learned alot about my new camera this summer. I learned how to
use the continuse action on my Nikkon, I tested it out for the first time while babysitting my 3 favorite boys. Who love when I take their picture and have no trouble posing for the They really are great boys and have great parents. I work with their dad. Him and his wife call me their 6th family member.
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The oldest Jason who just turned 10 has diabetes he has had it since 7. So they do not trust many people alone with him while they are away. I learned everything I needed to know to make sure I could take care of him if anything happens and know the signs and what he can and can not eat. He also has Cialic which means he can't have wheat either, poor kids got a double whammy there. But he takes it in stride. He is a great kid. As is his brothers Andrew 8 and Chris 6. Chris is the funniest little guy you will ever meet. He loves the dress in button up shirts and dress pants. Belt you name it. He even went to Kindergarten in a Tux once. Funny kid. He calls it dressing Handsome. And He Loves Costumes He has gone through a Firefighter stage,Jedi,Indiana Jones. and now he is a Yankee player. Mind you he does not play baseball but he wears the full on Yankees uniform with cleats and the socks and a Yankees hat. Andrew is also a great kid.. He's stuck in the middle hes got a great

Below are some pictures of the boys at our Works Backyard Bash This Fall. It was just before it started to get cold and our last few nice days of weather. Our Boss won it at a charity auction, and 3 players from the Buffalo Sabres were there to take pictures and sign pucks for the kids. Jason is with Kaleta in one of the pics below. Chris is down there in his Yankee get up with a fellow fan, My Damien. And Jason and Andrew are enjoying some cotton candy..

Since this is getting a little long, I'll end it here for now. Part 2 to come tomorrow~

Shelly <3


  1. There are so many pics in this post it's hard to pick one to comment on!! I think you should make sure you have your pics all saved somewhere. You may even wish to assign yourself a project like the rock concert again! :] !!

  2. Great pictures. I love the ones with the boys jumping into the pool and capturing the water in mid-air.

    Totally cool!!!!