Monday, June 14, 2010

Samanthas 2nd Dance Recital

So last friday was Sam's Second dance recital. And let me tell you that girl is not shy at all!

This was a long dance recital. She was act 17 and there were 57 total. Long night, it started at 7 and did'nt end until 10:45. That is a long time for a 5 yr old to stay awake.

Let me tell you she stole the show. again she was at the end of the line. 

She was moving, if she was doing the right moves I am not sure.. but she sure had fun.

               This one was at the Finale, Notice the teacher standing right behind her. She had to hold onto her skirt to keep her from going forward. She was blowing kisses, dancing around. In other words being Sam.

              This one is a little blurry but tells the perfect story. Here the curtain was just about to close and the teacher lost her grip on her. Just minutes after this She had to grab Sam and pull her back as the curtain was closing. Pretty sure Sam thought all those people clapping were for her! At least 8 of them were.

 Daddy Sam and Mommy.

 Me and my Favorite 5 yr old. Boy I love that  kid.

Shelly <3

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