Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a beautiful day for a wedding

Today we went to damiens cousins wedding. They had it at Glen Park. It is a Beautiful Park with a waterfall and lots of pretty trees. It was very low key but beautiful all the same.

It was a very nice day. There were 2 other weddings there also, so their original spot was taken by another couple. But it turned out nice anyway.

Here are a couple pics of the big day..

                            Emma the Flower Girl.  She is one of the Brides Niece's.. One of 7 girls..
                                           That's Right 7 girls! Damien's 2nd cousins..

                                                              Mrs and Mr. Battle

                                    This is the youngest of the 7 Nieces. She slept through
                      the whole thing but I thought it was so sweet she was sucking her thumb..

                                              Damien and his Older Brother. He may be the
                                                     Middle Child but he is the tallest!

                                                                      Me and Damien

Damien his Mom and his Brother Chris. Only one missing is 
 His Younger brother who had to work.

All in all a beautiful day. Congrats to the New Mr. & Mrs. Battle. May you be
 Happy in love for all of time!


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