Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctors Doctors Doctors..

It feels as though lately my life as been one big doctor appointment.

Between Gyn follow up for the D & C.. which was all clear.. to New Primary care visits, Because frankly I was never one to go to a doctor. We figured we are 30, if we want kids we should be sure we are healthy ourselves. We made the appointment when we thought we were going to be parents. But we kept it because its the grown up thing to do.

So last week we both went in for physicals. And low and behold we both have high cholesterol. Enough so apparently to take medication for a bit to bring it down. Kinda weird. I am all of 99 pounds but I guess high cholesterol does not discriminate.  But that seems to be all that is wrong with us, Which is good I guess if we get this taken care of now.

Then I went to the dentist this morning. I hate the dentist. If I can never go again I would be happy. I had a bad experience in the past where something was not taken care of right and I got really sick. Not to mention they stick  huge plastic things in your mouth and tell you to bite down while they take xrays.

I am tiny, Mouth included. My old dentist oh 5 yrs ago used to use child size one's they just fit better and I don't choke on them.

 My front tooth cracked a while ago and I know I needed to get it fixed. It does'nt hurt anything but my self esteem. With getting married within the next year I want a nicer smile. So I sucked it up and made a appointment.

Why do they give you a questionere of what you are concerned about and scared of if they do not pay attention to it? I put on there about the child size things when taking xrays. They looked at the paper and tried to shove those huge plastic things in my mouth, which did not work. They do not fit in my mouth. and finally gave in and used smaller ones; and what do you know .. no issues!

But I found out which I really should not have been surprised. That I need a root canal on that front tooth and then it capped and it should be all fixed. I have a couple of smaller cavaties that we can get fixed at a later time. But the dentist and I agreed that front tooth is my first prioirty. I really don't have alot of extra cash and I have Aflac as dental insurance which covers up to a certain amount then it is all up to me to pay the rest. So one thing at a time. After the insurance I am looking at $100 out of pocket for this procedure.

Which is quite frankly alot for a person living check to check. But I can deal. So July 6th. I have an appointment to get this done. I hope it is not too painful. Because I am a baby and not fond of pain at all.

1 week from Saturday is our 5th annual summer picnic and I cannot wait. It was a blast last year which I am sure it will be again.. I need some pain free fun. My life has had a series of Up's and Down's lately and I just want to get back to normal. We are getting our apartment fixed up and hoping to have it done by the end of summer. Then we can concentrate on working on the wedding. Then we are planning on trying again for a baby and hopefully we will have better luck this time.

Until next time.

Shelly <3


  1. I hope your appointment goes smoothly... I dread the dentist as well. And high cholesterol! What a surprise!

  2. Oh Shelly I know I dread the dentist...Anxiety!
    It's horrid as well as the yearly physical at the doctor's. Let's just say the physical I'm not good at going to those.

    Good for you for getting all of this done.