Friday, July 2, 2010

When it rains it pours...

Well things just keep getting better and better  

Well Today Damien and I  both got Laid off today. Within a half hour of each other. Not because we did anything wrong at all we were told. Just beacause the are making cut backs and we are part of those unfortantly.

Little surprising to say the least. Damien has been with our former employer for close to 9 yrs. Me almost 5.

So we are both out of work at the same time. Newly engaged and jobless. Great! I am sure we will find other things that will probably make us happier. Right now it really sucks.  I really have never been in this situation before. I have never been laid off or let go from any job I had.

and while they insist it was nothing we did, and if they pick up they would call us. but really after working there for 5 and 9 yrs we really would not want to come back. I hate to say that I no longer worked there. It was a great fun place to work for. I am going to miss some of the people. Esp some of my recent co workers.

but we will try to stay in touch, though that never seems to stay the case.

Well I hope everyone Else's 4th of July is better then mine. I have a annual picnic to go to tomorrow which I am still going, I have been looking forward to it for months, I may be sad but what is missing it going to do? Not bring back my job.

now I have to figure out this uemployment stuff out. Well We will start all that Monday, Guess I now have all the time in the world.

Shelly :(

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  1. I know you are still reeling from losing your baby. I know things really suck right now. I'm so sorry.

    I had a sneaking feeling when they moved you they were up to no good. Dang.

    Eat a lot of food at the picnic and bring home 10 doggy bags. Take good pictures. I know it's hard right now... I will be praying for you. You pray for me, too. Woodjie has just been diagnosed with severe autism and other issues and I have other things going on.

    Doggone it; what a crappy weekend.