Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Going on..

Let me tell you I hate getting paid on Mondays. No I have not found a new job yet, for the moment I am getting unemployment. Basically it all goes to bills. I have little to nothing left after. But at least the bills are being paid. The thing that stinks though is we don't get our money deposited into our account until Monday. So we have no money for the weekends. Not that we are doing much right now, 

I have to go a stagette tonight for my cousin. And we are going out to dinner beforehand. Luckily my cousin Patti offered to pay for my dinner, She knows money is kinda tight and I would do it for her if our spots were switched. Otherwise I do not think I would have been able to go. After I buy cat food I will have $6 til Monday. FUN!

Other then that, no money, life has been OK. Besides my Mom has been having some issues with her Blood pressure going high, they checked her heart and they say there is nothing wrong with it. She had a 24 urine test Thursday to check her kidneys just in case, and she had a cat scan scheduled for Monday to check her stomach to see if for some reason she has some type of tumor in there that is causing the issues. 

She was OK yesterday early afternoon, I took her to take the 24 urine test back, so they can do their thing and she was fine. She called me last night about 11:30ish from the Hospital. Her heart was racing and her blood pressure was up again, this time they admitted her, she has been to the ER 3 or 4 times in the last month and they just kept sending her home.

She called me this morning, she is doing OK, but they are probably going to keep her til tomorrow. They really don;t know what is going on. Hopefully they do the cat scan while she is there, to rule that out or confirm.. 

She is talking and sounds pretty good. Just wish they could figure this out, and she does not have to go to the hospital anymore.. Please send all your positive thoughts my moms way!

Til next time

Shelly <3

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