Friday, July 23, 2010

The last couple weeks....

                                                 So what have I been up to? Not much..

                          2 weeks ago I did go to the beach in the first time in years and it was great.
           Sam had a great Time. It was just My Cousin Patti, little Sam, and our friend Carrie

                                           Please Excuse the Squints it was very sunny out!

            The Beach Goers minus me as I am taking the picture.. Crossing the bridge to paradise!

                                  Then that same week I had a bridal shower for my other Cousin..

                                                                   The Bride to be and Me

                                                           Patti and I at the Shower

                                 Our table plus the bride to be before the others got to the party

                                                            The Happy Family to be

      It wouldn't a shower without games, and I happened to win the big game and this was my prize

Then just to keep things interesting I had to take my mom to the ER on Wednesday. She has been having some blood pressure problems that they cannot figure out, and was having chest pains. So we went in just to be sure. They did a bunch of tests and cannot find anything wrong with her Heart which is a good thing, just hope they can figure out exactly what is going on with her soon. She is doing good right now.

OK so maybe I have been up to more then I let on.. but that is about it. I am also expecting my first Unemployment check ever to be deposited into my account. Unfortunately it does not look like it will be cleared to my account until Monday. Which I was hoping it would be today, I have nothing left, so we will have to muddle through this weekend to get through to Monday. Though it is all gone to bills anyway before I even get it.

Sigh.. the life of an unemployed person kinda stinks!

Shelly <3

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  1. Hope you find something soon! Meanwhile, I'm glad you were able to help your mom out. :)