Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tale of the Stolen Wallet

Our tale begins almost 10 yrs ago (2001). I was 19 and working in the Mail room at a Semi large doctors office. Me and my co-worker was separating the doctors mail. We worked with something that was very similar to this, along one wall, opposite of the door.

A Guy came in and asked us to use the phone, as his eye doctor was closed and he thought he had an appointment. We said sure, moved the phone where he could reach and continued our work. He thanked us and left. A short while later it was lunch time, so I went to my purse, which was hanging on the back of our door right by my jacket to get my wallet. And it was gone...

I was pretty upset, this is the first time anyone has stolen anything from me. The guy of course was long gone, I figured I would never see my stuff again. I didn't have much cash in there. So I  called the bank and had them stop my debit card. And the guy had already stopped at a gas station to use it. That taken care of I was advised to file a Police report. So I called the police and did just that. I never heard anything.

Now Fast forward to this Monday. I had a message on my answering machine from a Salvation Army saying they found some ID of mine. I wasnt sure what they were talking about I had all my ID and stuff in my wallet, and double checked just to be sure. I did'nt get to call them back right away.

So then Tuesday comes and I get a message from the Police Station asking me to call back they have something of mine that was found and left a very old address on the message. I have'nt lived there in years! So I call them back and the police officer asks me if I lost a wallet, because someone found some with ID of mine. The only wallet I ever "lost" was the one that was stolen years ago.

So She asks me to describe it and I tell her honestly I can't remember it's been almost 10 yrs but was able to tell her a couple other things that should be in there. And low and behold they found my wallet that was stolen almost 10yrs ago and stuff was still in it!

My Social Security card was in there, I was worried for a while about that and now I have it back. My old ID's. My Library Card and other various cards I had in there.  The guy must have just took my bank card and the cash and pocketed the wallet and never looked in the one part.

Eventually gave it to the good will in some pocket of something I am guessing, and when they were checking out the stuff came across the wallet and opened it and saw the ID in there. How crazy is it to get your Stolen Wallet back after almost 10yrs? It seems almost impossible, and it's still in good shape to!

So this tale has a happy ending. All is well. I have my Wallet back that I really never thought I would see again and totally forgot about! It sure does make for a good story too. 

Shelly <3



  1. WOWWWW!!!! That's awesome! I am so glad for you as you could use a little surprising good news! Bless you Shelly! :)

  2. Shelly thanks for stopping by and wishing the twins a happy birthday!

    I have missed your sweet words and I hope you are well.

    Have a great night Shelly and much love to you.