Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My New Baby..

Meet my new camera.. I got it for my birthday from Damien. Now I feel like I have a real camera. My Little Olympia served me well through the years, but now that I am trying to take real pictures this Nikon will be great. It is also the most expensive camera I have ever owned. But we were smart and got the 2 year warranty just in case anything happens it is covered. I tend to drop things.. :O)

I can't wait to start taking pictures..the quality is so much better then my old camera. I am going to see my little cousin Samantha in her First Ballet Recital on Friday so a perfect chance to try out the camera.

Can't wait until the Idol Concert this year. With this zoom I am going to get awesome Pictures!

Shelly <3


  1. Looking forward to some great photos! I like the various colour ones you were posting before. :]

  2. Can you Belive my camera is already messed up? The screen keeps getting funky lines in the light,But I took it back and they are going to give me a new one.. just have to wait for them to come in tommrow..