Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3rd Annual Summer Picnic

We started a summer picnic 3 years ago, I think this year was the best one so far. Instead of having it at someone's house we had it at Carrie's Club. Carrie is a archer and she taught us all how to shoot as well as the little one's as our picnic is a family event. We had a bonfire and more food then we could have ever ate. It was a great time and I can't wait until next year.. Here are some pictures I took..

What represents summer more then a ooey gooey S'more!

Mother and Daughter hanging out by the fire

Marshmallow on Fire!

Becky Shooting

Alissa Shooting
Hanging out around the campfire
Carrie Queen of Bonfire

Carrie - Queen Archer
Even Sam got into the Shooting Fun
Bonfire @ Night
Me + the Targt we all shot 3 arrows..

Patty Shooting
This quite possibly is the funniest picture ever..Silly People

And of Course I had to get some Samantha Pictures...

Being silly
Patty, Rich and Sam came over to my mom's house before going to the picnic, they were picking me up and wanted to visit with my mom, Sam found some Pink Bubble wrap and I bet you can guess what she did for the next 10 minutes!

I really Love this shot, Her just staring off and all the grass around her
Yes, We stuck her on a Target and Took pictures of her!

Well I guess this is it for now.. Sam has had enough! Please let me know what pictures are your favorite.

Shelly <3


  1. Hmm... my fave? The one under the pic of Sam sitting on the target. She's just so busy and into something.

    Though, they all look like lotsa fun!

  2. That she is.. Very busy. But so photogenic I just can't help taking millions of pictures of her!