Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Heart Faces Entry - Foot

Even though it is usually faces at I Heart Faces we focus on this week is Feet..
Who knew taking a picture of a foot would be so hard. Here is what I came up with..

Head on over to http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/ for more Foot Pictures..

Shelly <3


  1. Um... LOL! I wonder what other pics you have around that didn't make the blog! Did the cat bite you or try to lick your foot? What a weird look!

  2. lol.. He was trying to lick my foot.. I had no idea what to do.. This week was the Theme of Feet and who really takes pictures of feet on a regular basis? I sure don't, so this was my last minute attempt! That and my foot looked less ugly in black and white! lol..