Monday, July 13, 2009

I Heart Faces - Sports in Action Entry

OK.. This one was really hard. I just took some awesome Action shots last Thursday, However I was not sure they would be considered Sports shots since they were in a pool, however I see a lot of people posting water pictures, pool or beach. So I thought sure I can post one of these action shots as my entry. Now I took over 1000 shots last Thursday. Yes you read that right I took over 1000 pictures in about a 3 hour span. Yes a little shutter happy I am. But that is the joy of digital cameras you can just get rid of the one's you don't like. It was really hard to choose just one I have so many good one's this week. But I have finally narrowed it down to this entry :

Ok.. Take #3.. Reread the rules and there had to be a face.. Here there are sorta face's.. does that count?

Please leave me feedback good or bad! I welcome it all!

Shelly <3