Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Girls Night

I am so glad a lot of people seem to be enjoying my last post with pictures of Niagara Falls, I am quite pleased with the pictures myself and I love all the comments on the post! Thank you all!

on to today's post...

So tonight is our once a month girls night, Usually we go out to eat and do whatever else after. However sometimes about this year we skip it all together as everyone is strapped for extra cash around the holidays. So I decided to have a girls night at my house instead. Figured it would be cheaper for everyone to bring something and order pizza and wings in.

This is the first time ever that I will have more then one friend of mine in my house. I have to admit I'm a little anxious. Besides the normal 5 people, I invited a friend from work also. So I am anxious for them to meet her and I hope all get along OK. I am sure they will I just worry about everything! lol..

I hope everyone has a good time, as I really do not have much to do, besides watching movies on my Big Screen and playing some Wii. My house is nothing special I hope they do not think badly of it.. I just need to stop thinking about it, I am sure we will have a great night!

And also this is the first time that most of them are meeting Damien. I just hope they all behave themselves. They are all very vocal and I can see more then one of them asking him when he is marrying me already! lol.. Hope they give him time to get used to them before they spring that on him!

Will update tomorrow and let you all know how it went! Wish me luck!

Shelly <3

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