Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Take me Back Tuesday

So I was thinking how time flies by so fast. This is Little Samantha at 2 yrs old at my Cousin, her Aunt's wedding. She was the flower girl and walked down the aisle with her hand over her face looking down the whole time, peeking up once or twice to see if everyone was still looking at her. I wish I had my camera then because it was adorable! But she sure loved the Dance Floor at the reception..

And here she is about a week ago. I was watching her while her parents bowled. She wanted to play dress up so I let her put on her Dance Recital Outfit that she wore recently. (Shhh.. don't tell her mommmy and daddy!) lol.. I was sure she did not get anything on it and then coaxed her out of that and into jammies. It's so hard to believe in 2 short months (her birthday is in January) She will be 5 yrs old! Where does the time fly?

Shelly <3

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