Friday, November 20, 2009

Slacking on the Blogging..

Wow.. Can't believe its been about 2 weeks since I posted last.. Been a tad bit busy with work and such. that I haven't even had time to enter any photo contests.. I must get back in the swing of things tho..

Since I really have nothing of Importance to share this week. I will just post a couple pictures I took of Damien and His Friends at a show they did last Friday. One of these days I will get around to posting a video so you all can actually hear the music they do..

During their shows I try to use different colors and angles to better my shots..

My Damien AKA Wordery

Johnny AKA Marz his Partner in Crime

One of their good Friends Mad Dukes.. Not sure of his real name actually..

Their Bassist and the Host for the night - Relevant

Another Friend Andy AKA Hoizzy

and the DJ for the night Cuffix

The Duo of Askew Artistry - Wordery and Marz

I am there anyway supporting my guy so why not brush up on my photography skills while I'm at it!

I promise more interesting stuff next week!

Shelly <3

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