Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart Faces - Pets

I think every Time a Pet week comes up at I heart Faces it is the most difficult week to choose a picture to enter. If you could enter more then one I would be golden, but alas only one photo allowed. During the pet week it really doesn't have to be a pet, mainly just a animal face instead of a human.

I have so many pictures of my Cats and of friends animals,that I could choose. But I did go to the zoo this summer and I got some great shots of some animals you just don't see everyday.

now to choose just one is the problem..
I think I will go with this beautiful Brown Bear ...

He just looks so happy sitting there in the sun..and as I am in Buffalo, NY and under a lot of snow, I love thinking of the warm summer days in the future..So head on over to I Heart Faces for more pictures of beautiful animals small and large!

Til Next Time
 Shelly <3


  1. Ahh yes, sitting in the sun right now sounds glorious!

  2. What a cool picture! So close too!


  3. yay! an animal that isn't a dog :). i love going to zoos and taking pix of the animals, too, and i really love aquariums - this is a fine bear shot! thanks for sharing it :)

  4. Great shot. Reminds me of the bear on the wall at our cabin. (He attacked my father-in-law, so had to be put down.)

  5. Great image!
    He looks like he's smiling.