Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When I first started blogging I mainly did it for picture posts to enter on certain sites. I never thought I would actually find people who care about you even though you have never met in person.
I may not get alot of followers on this blog but the couple I do are the best anyone can ask for.

So today I wanted to give a little time to the 2 people who mainly comment on my blog, Who see me through bad posts and good posts. Who make comments that make me smile and cry. 

Mainly for you 2 to invest your time in me. Even if we have never met in person. Even if we are only online friends, you two both mean alot to me. Just know that every comment written from you guys makes my  heart smile. That there are people out there who read my thoughts, who look at my pictures. when at times I feel people in my real life really do not listen to me, Or I don't really express myself as openly. 

Thank you, for being there and always listening. Though you both have things going on in your own lives, you still take that time to read mine. And that means more to me then both of you will ever know.

Now,  I know you both know who you are, but what is a little shameless blog plug right?

So maybe I have some lurkers who don't comment, if so check out these 2 lovely ladies blogs. 

Mrs C @ Homeschool and Ect.  and Lisa over at - My Version of my life 

You won't be disappointed in either one, trust me.

So as another year is almost up, Thank you Lisa and Mrs. C - You were there for me when some of the worst things happened this year, and I appreciate every word that was typed. Thank you both once again and I Hope the new year brings good things for both you and your beautiful family's.
<3 <3 Shelly



  1. Aww, Shelly, you know we're here rooting for you!! Here's hoping 2011 is the year your dreams come true! :)

  2. Aww Shelly you are way too sweet and you know what you deserve those comments and a million more.
    Much love to you and a here's to a wonderful 2011!