Saturday, December 4, 2010


Car - Unburied.. But unfortunately not working.. I am not sure what is wrong with it.. Have to get it towed somewhere and get it fixed before Monday so Damien can go to work.

I was supposed to have a girls night tonight, Which I had to cancel with no car to get to it..

Damien and I were supposed to go see the new Harry Potter movie tommrow and go out to dinner. That is not happening anymore.. no car and the money we did have now has to go to the towing and the fixing of the car.

Honestly I'm very disappointed. This was our date night I was looking forward to for 2 weeks. We have not gone anywhere together for a night out since he proposed back in June, as shortly after we both got laid off. Since he got his job back and we have not gone anywhere we were finally going to go see Harry Potter and go to Dinner. It;s not easy getting Dam out of the house, so when he agrees to do something I'm excited.

But the weather and our crappy car ruined it all. I know there are worse things that can happen, but I am sick of Disappointment. Whenever the car is broken we fight. Its just not fun. I'm sure tommrow will be better. Just sucks a little right now..

Well I am sure you don't all want to hear me whine. I promise next post will be better.


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