Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome to the Family..

My Cousin and Best friend had her baby girl yesterday.
 There was some extra fluid around that baby so they decided to induce her .  Her due date was supposed to be the 22nd. The baby was measuring big enough and her head was down, so it was all scheduled for the 14th. So she headed in at 7am.. 
Me and my mom went to see DreamGirls yesterday also. (More on that in another post)
So we were waiting for a call all day, or a text or anything to let us know what was going on.
6pm.. Still nothing, The show started at 7:30..I finally heard that there was nothing going on yet right before the show started. While Patti was ready for her to come out, the baby had other ideas and decided to turn around. So the doctors were trying to get her to turn around again. The show started so  I had my phone on vibrate just in case they called they could leave a message.

Right at Intermission I get a call from Patti's Sister
Katherine Louise O'Donnell ( she will be called Katie)  6 pounds 10oz

Via C-Section, she just was not cooperating. Patti is doing well. I talked to her a bit today, she's sore but good. and the Baby is doing great. So My favorite 5 yr old 
Sam - is now a BIG Sister!
 while in reality we are only cousins, I am auntie to Sam and Katie, we are just really close.
I cannot wait to go meet little Katie, and I am sure I will have lots of adorable pictures to share soon!

Welcome to the world Katie! 

Shelly <3


  1. Shelly, I am praying your time is soon as well. I know your heart must be sad knowing your child would have been very close in age with this one. I haven't forgotten, though I know you are very happy for your cousin as well.

    I know you will be a wonderful aunt to little Katie. She is very precious... am glad everyone is ok. :)

  2. Thanks Mrs C. Pretty much hit the nail on the head there.. I am trying to be happy because I AM happy for her..

    Though my heart does break a little thinking of the the little one that could have been along with little Katie.. Hopefully 2011 will bring my dream of being a mom to a reality.. I hope!

  3. Shelly you are wonderful...that's it, no more.