Friday, March 27, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Have you ever seen that movie? Well that was me yesterday. I babysit 3 boys as I have mentioned in the past. They are normally very well behaved but you can't be good all the time everyone has their off day. and Oh boy was yesterday a Off day.

First you have to know Chris the smallest of the 3 loves to dress nice. He always wants to wear a shirt,tie pants and dress shoes. It is adorable for a 5 year old. A family member knowing his love for all clothes nice bought him a little tux which he wore to school yesterday. lol.. Now tell me how can you not love this little guy?

His brother was at a friends house and when he got home he needed to do his homework and practice his spelling words for a test today. Chris was in the bathroom standing on a stool just looking at himself fixing his little tux. So I set up Andrew with his math homework and I hear water running.. So I go in there and Chris is standing there at the mirror and I see little bits of hair all over.. I said Chris what are you doing.. The typical 5 year old NOTHING.. Low and behold he somehow smuggled the scissors into the bathroom that he was using at the kitchen table earlier and decided to give himself a haircut! I caught him before he got too far but he did get some of it..

5 Year Olds! You never know what they will do! I have to watch them again tonight and you better belive there will be no scissors in reach!

Shelly <3

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  1. OH NOOOOOO!!! Oh, I hope the mom and dad were ok about it. *cringe*