Friday, March 20, 2009


Yea. It's Finally Friday, Even though this week seemed to go pretty quick. Nothing as exciting happening this week, Last week about this time I was getting ready to drive home from work for the David Cook concert.

Today I get out early again, which is nice. 2pm can't come soon enough. Work is so slow right now.

I have nothing planned for today, Maybe I will go buy Mario Kart for Wii.. I have wanted it for a couple of weeks but have been holding off. Then go home do some much needed laundry and just hang out the rest of the day at home.

Tommrow I am going to see Wizard of Oz (the musical)@ Shea's. It should be good, Me and my mom went and saw Wicked a couple months ago and it was a awesome show. Makes you feel sorry for the wicked witch of the west. So we figured when wizard of oz came we had to go see it. Will have my reveiw on monday.

Guess that is about it for today.

Shelly <3


  1. What? Musical Wizard of Oz? We were JUST reading that for homeschool. Be sure to post pics ok?

  2. PS the wii is awesome... Patrick has Mario kart and loves it. He also has a wii wheel which apparently is a really big deal and makes steering much easier.