Monday, March 16, 2009

Crab Legs,Casinos and David Cook what could be better??

Me and My Mom Before the Concert Started!

Friday was awesome! First Got out of work early, which is always a plus. Then it was off to the Casino 4 hours early for the David Cook Concert. I got ID'd no less then 4 times in the place. I know I look young but Geez~

We first went over to the buffet to eat as neither of us ate lunch yet. Let me tell you for $20 a person it was a little steep, But well worth it, My God the food! Started with Crab Legs, with butter and shrimp and moved on to baked Potatoes and stuffed crab and you name it they had it. We just sat there for like 1 an hour just eating and figuring out what we wanted to do next. So far this trip has cost me nothing as my mom has been paying for it all.

Then on to the casino, now neither of us are gamblers. We go in with $20 each, again my mom provided my $20. And played some slots. The Penny Slots to be exact. Now I usually have no luck and should have stopped while I was ahead, but we had plenty of time to kill so back in the machine it went. I was up to $68 at one point, On a PENNY machine! That is pretty darn good for only starting out with $20.

The Concert was next and in one word it was AMAZING! My god David Cook is a good singer, and he's not bad to look at either! Amazing Voice, Amazing ahem, Body , just perfect I tell you. He was so nice and personable. Talking to the audience. There was a total of 900 people there, The biggest so far on his solo tour. Which was mainly colleges but he did the casino in our town. That is one concert I would go to over and over again. If only to look at him! lol.. But he was an amazing singer too! Now on to some pictures.


  1. :] Looks like a fun time. I have to wonder under all those lights why he is wearing a hat, though.

  2. It's Funny. People were yelling at him to take it off. So he did for exactly 10 seconds! lol..
    he was like : Come on people are you here for the hat or me?! lol

    he had to be dying under those lights!