Thursday, March 12, 2009


My Best Friend from High School just had her second baby today, A little girl, now she has 1 of each and I have yet to have one..

Lately I dream of being a mom, I'm at that age where I thought I would be married and have a kid or two. I have always wanted kids, from the time I was small. Maybe someday soon it will be my turn for the mommy talk, and an adorable little blessing of my own. I know I would make a wonderful mom. I am great with kids. I hope it's not too much longer for me. Don't get me wrong I would defiantly prefer to be married first, But after 8 years and no ring i'm not holding my breath any time soon. I did however get a beautiful Diamond Necklace this year for our anniversary that is the first peice of jewerly Damien has ever bought me, So maybe next year. I know i'm only 28 going on 29 but I long for that wedding and the pitter patter of little feet. I know he wants kids someday too. Sigh.. I have time.. But I really would like to start by the time i'm 30 as I want to have at least 2 maybe 3, but we will see what I get ..

Taken @ Amiercan Idol Live 2008

In other news I am going to see David Cook in concert tommrow night! I can't wait! I love American Idol and Cook was one of my favorites all year long last year. It should be good. I saw him at the American Idol Live 2008 concert and he was awesome but did not get to play nearly long enough, so this is all him no one else. I can't wait! I get to leave work early and head to the casino where he is playing with my mom, We will probably go early as we tend to get lost.. lol..
and eat at the buffet then on to the concert. Will Update Monday, Hopefully I have some awesome pictures also.

Shelly <3>

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  1. ((hugs))

    I hope it happens for you soon as well.