Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unfortunately Shelly..

Taking this from Mrs.C , Sounded like Fun. So here is my 5 Random Unfortunately Shelly..

Unfortunately, Shelly,the left is comatose #1. (Oh No!!)

Unfortunately, Shelly is sad (Boy, mine are not too good so far!)

Unfortunately, Shelly takes on one problem too many and the result is murder and mayhem in the quiet city of Destin, Florida. (Since I live in NY, don't think this one's me..lol..)

Unfortunately, Shelly's hard plaster tits will not exhibit this behavior. (opps.. apparently this one is X-rated!)

Unfortunately Shelly was killed off without much fanfare. He wandered into the barn in his wetsuit and was not seen again until towards the end of the movie

Boy Mine did not turn out good at all!!

See what you get when you Google Unfortantly "Your Name" ...

LOL.. Shelly <3

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