Monday, January 18, 2010

A case of the Mondays..

Today is not turning out to be a good day..

2 weeks ago we try to get our car inspected and it fails the "safety" part. Basically the mechanics say we need 2 new front brake pads to pass. You want to charge me $300? No thank you.. Damien's mom knows someone who will put them on for $50 if we buy the brake pads. Much more reasonable so we do that this weekend. Go get the brake pads and get them put on the car.

So I take the car back over to the place this morning thinking finally we will have the inspection sticker and be good for the year.. Nope.. this guy now says that we only have 2 lug nuts?? What happened to the other 2?? and some struts or something are striped.. Great! How much $149?? What.. no thanks..

I take the car back to work, I tell Damien he calls the guy who did our brakes Saturday and said there were only 3 lug nuts on the tire and thought we knew.. ok so where did the 1 lug nut go from Saturday to this morning?? Who knows..

So now we have to figure out how to get that fixed. To get it inspected. It is way over due. We have never had this much trouble getting an inspection. Let me tell you I miss out mechanic we had.. His wife unfortunately got sick about 6 months ago and he closed down his shop.. So Now I am trying to figure out how to get an inspection and hoping my tire is safe to drive on.

To top it all off I get to work this morning and my Monitor died. SO I have to wait for a new one before starting my work.. then my chair is also broken so I am scouring the building looking for a chair. The only one I found does not go high enough so I am literally sitting on a phone book until I can find a better one..

Please let this be the extent of my Bad Monday.. I'm ready for Tuesday I am so done with this Monday..

Shelly <3

Luckily Damien's Mom's Fiance is going to fix our lug nut problem and stripped struts (say that 5 times fast) issue today. Hopefully then we can get it inspected.. but not at the same place.. so they can find something else wrong.. When My mechanic had the car Saturday he said there were 3 lug nuts on one of the tires, Now there are only 2 so the inspection place lost 2 somewhere between checking it the first time and this time.. but no way to prove it...

** EDIT #2**
Just found out my boss put in his 2 weeks.. Mixed feeling glad he's going, maybe I can actually become the Manager instead of just the Assistant. Since I do it all anyway.. But downside that leaves just me during the day.. It's usually him and me.. Minus him = just me.. Not sure how this will work.. What a Monday!


  1. I hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday!
    I have a fantastic book for you to read,
    Are you there vodka it's me Chelsea.
    By Chelsea Handler
    Sooooo freaking funny!


  2. oh I just started watching Chelsea lately on E!.. So I will totally go pick up that book. She is very funny on her show so I am sure the book is great!