Monday, January 25, 2010

Take me back Tueday

I am continuing on the Take me Back Tuesday band wagon. It was fun last week.

Remember this is a really fun meme that A Give addicted Mommy started, so hope on over to her blog and check out everyone's old photos. A glimpse of the past!

This week: Me Age 6.. I think this is Kindergarten. Gotta Love the Puffy Sleeves!

Yea I don't look too much differant, do I ? Just a litter bigger and more mature, but basically the same.. See..

Or maybe this one is a little better.. I am the one on the Right.. Please excuse the quality, it was taken with a cell phone.I would say in the green, but we both seem to be wearing a greenish color..

I am going to be 30 in June and I still get people telling me I look like anywhere from 16-18. People say I will love it when I'm older. But right now, it's annoying. The only time me looking so young is in my advantage is during a carnival or theme park where they have that game that they guess your age. I almost always win!

Oh well, Guess things could be worse then looking young.

Shelly <3


  1. It 'wayback week' on FB the last few days and everyone has photos up from their childhood. Its great fun:) I was stopped on my 28th birthday and asked for ID (I was thrilled lol) but I have not been stopped since. Somewhere in my early 30's I just stopped looking like a kid! Jen.

  2. Aww...I do love the Kindergarten picture! I look young too, I still get carded for everything at 40! I am with you, it can be annyoing though!
    Glad you joined in on Tuesday again!!

  3. Cute photos! I look young, too. Now that I am 36, I LOVE being carded. ;)

  4. Oh definitely enjoy it. I looked old for my age and I loved it until well... when you are 36 and you look 36... that isn't such a fun thing. LOL

    You look beautiful. Young or old.