Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crappy Day #2..

Ok, Quiz Time:

How would you react if your girlfriend told you she did not get the Manager position because her jerk of a ex-boss decided to recommend 2 other people rather your self. Now thats a bad day already right? How would you react?

A. Say your sorry their day was crap and listen if she wants to talk.

B. Give them a hug and say oh well their loss.

C. Get mad at her and not talk to her and say she should demand the position or quit, and people are walking all over her and why doesn't she stand up for herself..

Yea if your guessing C, that's what happened too me. I really don't get it. Now here's the thing Me and him work at the same place, me in customer service currently Assistant Manager. He works in the shipping department.

Now me not getting this is basically just the title, nothing more then what I am doing now, which is pretty much all the customer service. This is the third time this has happened to me in a way. My job is pretty laid back not really cooperate.

And I really do love working there, The owners really do take care of us most of the time. I guess I am disappointed because I proved I can handle it, I already do. But no one ever wants to give me the chance it seems,

and My boyfriend not talking to me, I just don't get. I guess it was my mistake for even telling him. I thought he may get mad but not at me! I have no idea what I did. We will be together 9yrs in march you would think by now he would know who I am.

I am the most non-confrontation person on the planet. However that does not mean I give in to everything . I know my job and I do it well. I know when to give in to a customer and I know when to stand my ground. I am the one who covers when someone calls off or gets sick as we are really a 4 person department.

And I finally thought I was going to get that chance to actually be a Manager and prove I may be quiet but I can do it. I guess not this time. I was disappointed enough I really didn't need him treating me like crap too..

I just don't know. I am sure in a couple hours he will come out and it will be like nothing ever happened. But it hurts me, I just can't express it. Since I really have no "best" friends I can confide in. I decided to get it all out on the blog. At least people I have never met will listen to me (in a way).

Sorry this got so long, but I think I feel a little better now. If you got through this whole thing, Thanks for reading!

Shelly <3

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  1. Have you talked to your boss or manager to ask what you could do to improve your chances of being promoted in the future? I've worked in enough places that sometimes we don't know what we are not seeing about ourselves that others do see. It might be uncomfortable or even painful, but it's better that you have information to act upon rather than continue not knowing why you aren't being considered.