Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Drama,, keep me out of it..

I really have no idea how I turned out so differently then the rest of my family.

You see my mom seems to love the drama of fighting and arguing and me on the other hand avoid it like the plague.

I am admittedly not a fighter but a lover! lol.. I really do avoid fighting at all cost's I hate it, I hate how people get hurt, I am not a yeller I am a cryer. When I get angry I tend to cry before yell. I know at times everyone has there moments but these moments come to my mom all the time.

She seems to push people away for no reason whatsoever. And seems to love to pick on little things to make them a bigger issue then they ever should have been.

She has admittedly gotten help this last year with her crazy mood swings and was seeing someone and taking some medication to help control her out of control moments, and it has been better. But recently it seems to getting back to the craziness again.

My whole life we being me and my brother were not as important as other things. My brother can be difficult, he has ADHD, amoung other things I am sure that were never diagnosed. He is now 21 but I would say more on a 17-18 level mental wise. He has a scumbag father that likes to start drama too.. If I start on him it could take this post in a whole other direction so I will leave his scumbagness (yes I did just make up my own word there!) for another post.

So anyway getting back. My step-father is a saint to put up with my mom at times. I don't mean to bad mouth her, I do love her very much and we do have a lot of Fun times with no drama. but when the drama comes about I want to stay out of it. After all I am a grown adult of almost 30 (good, god when did I get so old??) and have my own life to attest to. But people always try to drag me in!

Right now, she was fighting with my step-brother who is 20.. who was home for college she asked him to do something, who knows what and he declined for whatever reason. and she blew up.. then got mad when my step-dad took his son's side. It was probably something small that got blown up way too big..

People insist on dragging me in.. Unless I am involved I want to stay out. Consider me Switzerland! There is so much more but this has just gotten too long already..

More later.

Just so this is not all ranting. Here is a funny picture of my Cousin Samantha at Chuck E Cheese's a couple weeks ago.. She has some Styling Glasses there huh?

Thanks for reading!

Shelly <3

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